Elena Bonciu
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The objectives for improvement concerning the sunflower may vary a lot dependent on production area, abiotic stress and cultivators’ preferences. Before developing a program for each character improvement, it is essential to be determined the existent variability and the hereditability method. Also, there is needed some knowledge on the correlations existent between the considered characters. The selection of a character may alter the other characters, sometimes reducing the genetic gain. The researches accomplished in the central area of Oltenia (Romania), have demonstrated the different reaction of some sunflower hybrids depending on the genotype. Although some experimented hybrids have presented a sunflower capitulum with great diameter, exhibiting an obvious heterosis from this point of view, they have the advantage of a smaller number of seeds, due to the central area with dry seeds, which is greater than in the case of the hybrids with small or medium sized capitulum. For improvement, there are desired genotypes of sunflower with medium compact capitulum. This is the reason why it is appreciated that Romina and Saturn genotypes stand for a valuable matter in selecting the consanguineous lines which are meant to accumulate the abundant fructification characters, with productive central area, without dry seeds.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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