Emrah Uysal, Hasan Pinar, Aydın Uzun
Full Text PDF | Eggplant, Molecular markers, SRAP.

Turkey have rich local vegetable varieties such as Urfa pepper, Manisa eggplant and Kırkagac melon. One of local vegetable varieties is Yamula eggplant cultivar which grown central Anatolia that forefront with specific striped structure and hard fruit flesh, especially it was consumed by have lived people at its growing regions as fresh, dried and pickled.  Uniform fruit, disease resistance and high yielded genotypes are the most important factor for marketable products. But, it is inevitable genetic differences because of producing with obtained seeds yourself. In this study, 28 Yamula eggplant genotypes were compared with 1 Manisa eggplant and 3 Kemer eggplant genotypes using SRAP molecular markers to understand genetic differences/similarity. As obtained results, genetic similarity was 0,68-0,99 and with two cluster. The genetically closest genotypes were ERU 3014-ERU 949 which were Yamula eggplant genotypes. Results showed that there are differences between Yamula eggplant genotypes and other eggplant genotypes, also within Yamula eggplant genotypes.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP