Aurelian Leonardo Ilie, Mariana Marinescu, Lorena Cosma Ilie
Full Text PDF | Chrysomelidae, leaf beetles, Tinca area

In this work are presented data about the fauna of leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) from Tinca area, Bihor county, the researches being, recorded during 2002-2018. There were identified 165 species belonging to 11 subfamilies, 46 genera, 6 subspecies and 41 chromatic varieties. Two species:  Dibolia russica Wse and Phyllotreta scheuchi Hktr. are mentioned for the first time in Romania in 2017, some species are relatively rare in Romania: Cassida seladonia Gyll, Cassida margaritacea Schall, Chrysolina aurichalcea Mann., Galeruca melanocephala Ponz, Longitarsus pinguis Wse, Longitarsus pallidicornis Kutch, Longitarsus ochroleucus Marsh, Longitarsus fuscoaeneus Redt, Chaetocnema orientalis Baud, Chaetocnema compressa Letzn, Longitarsus gracilis Kutch.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP