Dan Niţoi, Gheorghe Amza
Full Text PDF | air, purification, ultrasonic, vibrations.

The paper presents a detailed analysis of the main disadvantages presented by the classic devices of filtration and purification of gases of any nature and the most important characteristics of the ultrasonic air filter.  Following the analysis of the main phenomena that occur in the propagation of ultrasounds it is proposed to use the effects of their propagation in the filtration and purification process and the construction of ultrasonic filters operating on the principle of "ultrasonic agglomeration" on the principle of "ultrasonic shaking" or combined. By "ultrasonic agglomeration" of fine particles, their initial mass increases by coalescence of 2500 to 3500 times compared to the mass of the primary particles, being easily captured by the filter element, and by "ultrasonic shaking" the phenomenon of stomping of the cartridge filtering or clogging, performing cleaning during operation, without requiring interruption of gas transport and removal of the filter.  In the paper are presented two types of ultrasonic filters with possible use in gas filtration and purification: cyclone ultrasonic filter and vertical ultrasonic filter. For the first one it is proposed only the schematic diagram but for the second type the schematic diagram and practical realization are presented.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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