Diana Indoitu
Full Text PDF | crop productivity, fertilizers, N-P-K soil nutrient balance, plant residues

The balance of soil nutrients affects not only the productivity of crops grown, but also the fertility of the soil. The search for the possibility of maintaining a positive balance in crop rotation is very important. Returning plant residues of cultivated crops allows farmers to return NPK-nutrients that are removed with the harvest. Each crop has variable NPK-content. The main objectives of this study were to assess from which field crop farmers can get the greatest amount of plant residues; and which plant residues are richest in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. The following field crops were studied: winter wheat, maize for grain, sunflower, peas for grain. The maximum plant residues were found to remain after maize, the minimum after peas. The maximum nitrogen remains after plant residues from maize and winter wheat, then sunflower, while the maximum phosphorus was found with the plant remains of maize and sunflower; for potassium, sunflower residues were found to provide the maximum.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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