Ciprian-Nicolae Popa, Luminita Valerica Visan, Radiana-Maria Tamba-Berehoiu
Full Text PDF | insect damaged kernels, quality parameters, sprouted wheat kernels, wheat.

It had been analyzed the impact of two key parameters, namely insect damaged kernels (IDK) and sprouted wheat kernels (SWK), on quality parameters of Romanian wheat samples from 2016 harvest. The results showed that IDK had a significant influence on all the quality parameters of wheat, with the exception of Falling Number. The increase of IDK very significant decreased the values of: Hectolitric mass (r = - 0.407 ***), Moisture (r = - 0.263 **), Gluten Index (r = 0.297 **) and increased very significant the values of Protein content (r = 0.477 ***), Wet gluten (r = 0.398 ***) and Gluten deformation index (r = 0.620 ***).  SWK was correlated negative very significant with Falling Number (r = -0.602 ***) and positive significant with Moisture (r = 0.294 *). Also, between IDK and SWK it was established a significant negative correlation (r = -0.337 *). The results showed that the two parameters had a notable influence on the enzymatic activity of wheat. Thus, IDK significantly influenced proteolytic activity, while SWK significantly influenced amylolytic activity. Higher values than 3% for IDK parameter and respectively 4.5% for SWK parameter led to gradual loss of the bakery qualities of analyzed wheat samples.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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