Asea M. Timuş, Victoria Nistreanu
Full Text PDF | Red Book, Republic of Moldova, terrestrial vertebrates

In the paper a short study history and analysis of 4 groups of terrestrial vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians) from the four editions of „Red Book” are presented: 2 from soviet period (first edition of Moldavian SSR from 1978 and second edition of USSR from 1984) and 2 after the independence of the republic (second edition from 2001 and third one from 2015). The number of listed species in these editions are growing, in the third editions from 2015 being described 219 vertebrate animals, including 30 mammal species, 62 bird species, 9 reptile and 7 amphibian species. According to IUCN criteria the listed species are included in the following: vulnerable (VU) 45 species; endangered (EN) 20 species and critically endangered (CR) 43 species. The factors that provoked the species number decrease and the measures for preventing their disappearance are indicated for each species.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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