Petia Fierascu
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Regarding „Quality in education”, respectively about ARACIP a lot of misconceptions are circulating: that entangles the educational process, that is „form without substance”, „it buries us in papers” (opinions of teachers, school managers and, sometimes, local representatives). It is often overlooked the fact that the institution mentioned above does not claims from schools any documents, just checks compliance and enforcement of the current legislation, by measuring in the same time the satisfaction of direct and indirect beneficiaries of education. Quality in education (whit its complex principles and practices crossing the entire educational environment) it is mainly oriented towards achieving results, reference to standards and meeting the needs and the expectations of education beneficiaries. Thus, quality in education represents a desideratum, necessary not only for alignment to national and European standards, but also to provide a fair start in life for young student, contributing to the increase of the quality of life of our future generations.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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