Asea M. Timuş, Elena V. Baban, Livia I. Calestru
Full Text PDF | insects, the Red Book, Republic of Moldova.

This paper presents the analysis of insect species in Moldova with a rarity status: vulnerable, critically endangered and endangered, officially included in the "Red Book of the Republic of Moldova", in two editions: 37 species in the 2nd edition (2001) and 80 species in the 3rd edition (2015). The 80 insects of the 3rd edition of the "Red Book of the Republic of Moldova" belong to 8 orders (Odonatoptera, Mantodea, Orthoptera, Coleoptera, Neuroptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera). These species are classified according to the rarity status: vulnerable (VU) – 33 species, critically endangered (CR) – 39 species and endangered (EN) – 8 species. The third edition also contains 35 species not included in the previous editions, which for the first time obtained a rarity status: VU – 16 species, CR – 17 and EN – 2 (2 species of the order Odonatoptera, 1 of Mantodea, 1 of Orthoptera, 10 of Coleoptera, 18 of Lepidoptera, and 3 of Hymenoptera).

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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