Gabriela Şovărel, Livia Maior, Georgeta Ivan, Isabela Acatrinei
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The experimental material was represented by five carrot cultivars: 3 varieties (Berlikum, Flakkee and Chantenay Red Cored) and two hybrids (Warmia F1and Fidra F1). Depending of the cultivar, the root length varied between 10.8 cm (Flakkee) and 14.1 cm (Chantenay Red Cored), the root diameter between 2.4 cm (Flakkee) and 3.9 cm (Chantenay Red Cored) and the average weight of roots between 84.5 g (Flakkee) and 130.2 g (Chantenay Red Cored). The yield was between 38.8 t/ha (Flakkee) and 60.2 t/ha (Chantenay Red Cored). Also, Berlikum carrot variety had a high yield (57.6 t / ha). In the climate conditions of Vidra area, variety Chantenay Red Cored recorded the highest values ​​for all studied parameters (root length, root diameter, average root weight and yield). In comparative crops with carrot cultivars, it was manifested the attack of pathogens Alternaria solani (early blight) and Erysiphe umbelliferarum (powdery mildew) starting with third decade of August. There were observed differences regarding the behavior of the studied cultivars to the pathogens attack.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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