Hatice Erciyes, Sancar Bulut, Mehmet Arslan
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Sugar yield in per unit area mostly depends on root yield and sugar ratios of the roots. The present research was conducted in 2012 in Mahzemin Village of Kayseri to determine yield and quality parameters of 22 different sugar beet genotypes (Sandrina KWS, Aranka KWS, Corvinia KWS, Pauletta KWS, 1 K222, Serenada KWS, SR 374, SR 380, SR 381, SR 485, SR 489, SR 490, SR 538, SR 540, Festina, Grinta, Dozer, Maden, Coyote, Diamente, Esperia KWS and Turbata). Experiments were conducted in randomized block design. The highest root yields were obtained from Serenada KWS (9475.0 kg/da); the highest sugar ratios from SR 538 (20.09%); the highest pure sugar ratios from Dozer (18.54%); the highest pure sugar yields from Serenada KWS (1625.1 kg/da); the lowest amino nitrogen (amino- N) ratios from SR 490 (0.75%) and Coyote (0.79%); the lowest sodium (Na) ratios from SR 490 80.64%) and SR 489 (0.65%) and the lowest potassium (K) ratios from Dozer (3.06%) genotypes.Considering the entire results together, the genotypes Serenada Kws, Corvinia KWS genotypes with the highest root yield, sugar ratio, pure sugar ratio and pure sugar yield; cultivars Dozer, SR538 and SR 490 with the lowest amino nitrogen, sodium and potassium ratios could be recommended to be cultivated in Kayseri province and other continental type of climatic zones.

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