Mihai Tălmaciu, Gianina Butnariu, Nela Tălmaciu, Monica Herea
Full Text PDF | entomofauna, Rivers Early, traps type Barber.

The observations were made during the two years, 2013 and 2014 in a plantation belonging plum fruit growing from Teaching Station Vasile Adamachi of USAMV Iasi, Iasi County Rivers Early variety.Collecting the material was done with traps type Barber from May until August at intervals between 10 and 20 days. Collection of 2013 was made on the following dates: 20.05, 30.05, 15.06, 5.07, 25.07, 10.08 and 23.08.In total 2013 were collected 265 samples belonging to 22 species (taxa). Species (taxa) with the largest number of samples collected were Dermestes laniarius L. 42 samples Heteroptera. (bedbugs) with 38 samples, and Polydrosus sericeus Schall. 26 samples. In 2014 collection of the biological material was made on the following dates: 07.05, 21.05, 19.06, 08.07, 27.07, 15.08, 04.09. In total in 2014 were collected 744 samples belonging to 41 species (taxa) with the highest number of samples were colected: Hymenoptera (bees) with 92 saples, Orthoptera (locusts) with 87 samples, Lepidoptera (larvae) with 37samplres, and Homoptera (cycads) with 31samples.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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