Sancar Bulut
Full Text PDF | organic wheat, organic manure, weed control, seed purity.

This research was carried out in laboratories of Field Crops Department of Erciyes University Agricultural Faculty between the dates September - October 2010. Factorial experimental design with randomized blocks was used for experiments. Seeds from a previous research carried out in Agricultural Research and Extension Center of Ataturk University Agricultural Faculty during the cropping seasons of 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09 under dry farming conditions were used as the material of present research. In previous study, two weed cultivars (Kırik, Doğu- 88), three weed control practices (475 seeds/m2, 475 seeds/m2 + hand weeding (HW), 625 seeds/m2) and seven fertilizer sources [Control, standard inorganic (NP), Bio Organic (Bio), Bio Organic SR (Bio SR), Leonardite, Organic Fertilizer (OF), Cattle Manure (CM)] were included. Physical seed purity characteristics (ratios of pure seeds, other plant seeds, weed seeds, broken kernel and other materials) were determined in present study. As the average of experimental factors, a ratio of 97.89% was determined for pure seeds, 0.015% for other plant seeds, 0.84% for weed seeds, 0.59% for broken seeds (smaller than a half) and 0.66% for other materials. The highest seed purities were observed in Doğu-88 cultivar (% 98.28), hand-weeding treatment (98.06%), and inorganic fertilizer application (%98.49).

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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