Ion Scurtu, Victor Lacatus, Gicuţa Sbîrciog, Alina Buzatu
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Since 1967, research in the field of vegetable growing was conducted in Research Institute for Vegetable and Flower Vidra and six vegetable research stations. These units have obtained vegetable varieties and hybrids adapted to conditions in our country, which occupied the largest area planted in field research. Research units have obtained significant quantities of seeds with high biological and cultural value and realized production technologies, specifying aspects of soil management, plant protection, fertilization, mechanization and others. After 1990, reducing funds for research in vegetable led to the closing of three of the six research stations and the institute activity was significantly reduced. To increase the current level of production of vegetables in our country, top quality and competitive prices with those of vegetable farmers in developed countries, it requires higher levels of financing and reorganization of the research sector. In the last year, MADR has launched and lead a new Sectoral Plan which will give farmers sustainable solution for increased competitiveness. 

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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