Radu Hermeziu, Manuela Hermeziu, Maria Stefan
Full Text PDF | potato, breeding, cultivar description, yield capacity, culinary quality.

Potato breeding are oriented to obtain varieties with resistance to biotic and abiotic factors and with high yield capacity to satisfy the both quantitative and qualitative needs of consumers. Productivity, quality and stability are achieved through crop improvement works to promote new varieties with traits performance. Among the achievements of National Institute of Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet in 2015 was registred the variety Cosiana. The variety is obtained through sexual hybridization and individual clonal selection. As vegetation period enroll in the group of middle varieties. Cosiana has a high yield capacity, is resistant to black wart (Synchitrium endobioticum), middle resistant to late blight (Phytopththora infestans) and to different viruses (PVY0 and PLRV). The variety is conceived for autumn-winter consumption, being suitable for most culinary preparations, from salad to mash potatoes. 

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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