Manuela Mihaela Ciucurel, Elena Ioana Iconaru, Constantin Ciucurel
Full Text PDF | occupational therapy, depression, hypoacusis, case study.

We chose to present an exemplifying case-study of occupational therapy (OT) application in an adult patient with depression and hypoacusis by using the narrative interview method. We started from the principle that in each OT casestudy it is important to identify the patient’s previously life roles held and the activities that were fulfilled within these roles. As methodological tool, we applied the Person-Environment-Occupation Model (PEO) in a 48 years old woman, with reactive depression (after her husband’s death) and congenital hypoacusis. After identifying the occupational routine and life style of the client, we established as a valid aim of OT intervention the client’s return to an old hobby, the flowers photography, and we described the PEO factors that influence flower shooting performance. From a global perspective, client’s occupational performance was considered as satisfactory. Her abilities and independent functional status allow her to be engaged in different daily occupations that match with her environment. After completing the PEO transaction for flower shooting, we extracted the occupational needs of the client. This client centered case study is an example of good practice, which reveals the possibility of achieving a higher level of occupational performance and to increase self-esteem for individuals with depression. 

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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