Asea M. Timuş
Full Text PDF | the invazive entomofauna, Hemimetabola, Republic of Moldova.

In Moldova is investigated invasive entomofauna with the economic and ecological impact. Until now settled 118 species of the Hemimetabola group, belonging of 2 subclasses, 2 superorder and 7 orders. These 118 species were corellation with the database of Fauna Europaea and recorded are 24 species (20.3%), but for 94 (79.6%) mentioned with the "absent" and "no data". In the meantime there were recorded 12 other species: Blatta orientalis, Cimex lectularius, Lepisma saccharina, Periplaneta americana, Trialeurodes vaporariorum – 1983, Blattella germanica – 2003, Leptoglossus occidentalis – 2010, Tachycines asynamorus, Dociostaurus tartarus – 2011, Scaphoideus titanus, Perillus bioculatus – 2013, Nezara viridula – 2014. According periods penetration it was found that 1 species have entered the XVII century, 1 in the XVIII, 14 in the XIX, 73 in the XX and 25 in the XXI. The registration invasive insects in countries of interest is in: Bulgaria – 48 species; Poland – 40; Romania – 25; other countries –5.

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