Beatrice Agneta Szilagyi, Oana Mare-Roşca, Zaharia Dumitru, Silvana Mihaela Dănăilă-Guidea, Monica Marian, Lucia Mihalescu, Zorica Voşgan
Full Text PDF | Asimina triloba, physiological features, photosynthesis intensity, ornamental value.

Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal, an exotic North American temperate-climate species, is little known or appreciated in Europe, especially in Romania. This work, with its goal of remodeling green spaces in Baia Mare by introducing the decorative species Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal, proposes to test seedlings of the species in forced cultivation for producing vigorous dendrological material in a reduced time frame. Thus, in the course of experiments that took place from January to May 2014, the ecological valences of Asimina triloba were measured. The pedoclimatic conditions experienced were favorable to the growth and development of the plant in question.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP