Magdalin-Leonard Dorobăţ, Codruţa Mihaela Dobrescu
Full Text PDF | dew point, limestone scree, datalogger, Leaota.

The dew point of a mixture of a gas (air) and the water vapors represents the temperature at which the cold air becomes saturated in water vapors and they condensate. Sometimes, especially in colder periods, it is more revealing regarding the water quantity in the air as vapors, than the relative humidity indicator. The field observations have shown that, always, in the surveys in the ecologic stationaries I have installed in limestone scree in Leaota Massive, condense is formed on the walls of the PVC tubes, irrespective of the season. The continuous measuring, for a period of several months, of more abiotic parameters, amongst which the temperature of the dew point was carried out with dataloggers, which were installed at different depths in limestone scree. This type of continuous monitoring of abiotic parameters at different scree depths is a premiere for Leaota and even is a first for Romania. 

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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