Gheorghiţa Brînzea, Alina Păunescu, Maria Cristina Ponepal
Full Text PDF | Dithane M45, Eisenia foetida, survival, biomass, bioaccumulation.

The study assesses the effects of Zn and Mn contained by Dithane M45 fungicide on Eisenia foetida epigenous species. There were five experimental variants of five repetitions each. Dithane M45 concentrations were: V1:250mgkg-1/dry soil, V2:200mgkg-1/dry soil, V3:150mgkg-1/ dry soil, V4:100mgkg-1/dry soil, with the fifth (V5) as control variant. There were analyzed: 1. survival rate (%) after applying toxic and correlations between survival rate and toxic concentrations; 2. initial biomass (g) and biomass resulting from (g) intoxication; 3. Zn and Mn bioaccumulation (ppm) in earthworms. Conclusions: the survival rate decreased to the greatest concentrations compared to control variant; individual biomass decreased after applying toxic; Mn and Zn bioaccumulation in earthworms increased with increasing concentration of Dithane M45.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
ISSN (CD-ROM) 2284-9521
ISSN-L 2284-9521
Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP