Adriana Bădulescu
Full Text PDF | table grapes, quality, profit, mature consumer, commodity production.

Growing table grapes offers manufacturers a range of priorities, compared to growing grapes for wine. It should be considered that by making table grapes, obtaining income is recorded immediately. If several varieties are cultivated end cooking time staggered, these revenues are obtained over a period of time. Table grape varieties are more productive (15 to 17 t / ha), so the profit will be higher. For table grape varieties all depends on quality. If respected cultivation technology of these grapes, then it will get a good harvest and a good price. This paper presents the results obtained Ştefăneşti -Arges vineyard productivity, quality and quantity production of grape varieties: Argessis, Canner, Muscat Hamburg and Victoria. In the period 2011-2013 these varieties registered commercial maturity amounts of sugars between 127,9-155,2 g/l was staggered harvest period from 15.08, up to 25.10. Variety Argessis noted the largest production cargo 17 t/ha and most enjoy table part of the grapes. 

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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