Ion Scurtu, Victor Lacatus
Full Text PDF | breeding vegetable, new varieties, objectives, breeding team, pathogens resistance.

Improved varieties have had a main role in the increases in yield and quality of vegetable crops. In this respect, the vegetables seed market is very dynamic and competitive, and predominant varieties are quickly replaced by new others. During  the last years, an immense quantity of new knowledge on the genetic diversity of vegetables and the utilization of genetic resources, breeding methods and techniques, and utilization of modern biotechnologies in vegetables crop breeding has accumulated. Unfortunately, in our country, in the last years, we have lost a great part of genes stock; many breeding laboratories have not enough modern devices and international cooperation is not too strong. We discuss what is possible to do in the next years in order to solve the main problems of this field: researchers training; devices for laboratory and field; breeding objectives in main cultivated vegetable species and so on.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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