Victor Lăcătuş, Ion Scurtu
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In the years 2001-2010, in Romania, the average temperature raised by 0.8 °C. Growing vegetables in these conditions, in the open field, is very risky. With a mean production, open field and protected crops, of 32.5 t/ha, in present, we can not ensure a min. consumption of 150 kg/capita. We believe that there are many “pro” arguments for increasing the area of plastichouses from about 7,500 ha to 21,000 ha by year 2020. Are listed in these sense: placing Romania in the European zone B solar radiation, possibility of growing vegetables throughout the year, demand more and more local vegetables in any season, a complete range of raw materials all the technological chain, obtaining high yields and quality, economic efficiency and higher possibility of using cutting-edge technology by applying the latest scientific research results, reducing imports and increasing export availabilities. The paper refers to possible development of these domains: crops, areas and yields, predicting the ensure of vegetables in 2020. Also, we are in view the necessary founds and how these will be recover.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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