Mădălina - Cristina Marian
Full Text PDF | erosion, mapping, topographic equipment, cartogram.

Soil erosion in Arges County affects a high percentage of agricultural land. Most agricultural lands are located on slopes undergoing erosion, excess humidity temporarily or permanently, landslides. The importance lies in the need to know theme addressed erosion, the erosive potential of the land, the causes and factors that led to the onset of erosion and its deployment at a accelerated rate and now, because the based on this knowledge to determine the effective measures to prevent and combat this phenomenon of soil degradation. The importance of knowing this erosion is related both to protect land and diminishing rates of clogging existing accumulation lakes in the river basin. Erosion mapping was carried out in recent years with the use of means modern cadastral- topographical. So not provided with sufficient precision to determine the areas affected by erosion. This paper presents methods using modern maps using satellite images, topographical precision instrumentation, cartograms results can be easily integrated into a GIS system monitoring. The information is graphically and containing a database solid. Cartograms accuracy depends on the quality of engineerings survey carried out in the field.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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