Madalina Doltu, Marian Bogoescu, Dorin Sora, Marian Vintila
Full Text PDF | aloe, vegetative multiplication, technology, greenhouse

Research conducted in culture of Aloe arborescens Mill., in conditions of protected area (greenhouse), had to watch some of technological aspects to obtain some in pot ornamentals plants, competitive plants for european market. Experience has included plants of Aloe arborescens Mill., aged 1-5 years, obtained by vegetative multiplying, asexual. Production technology was applied to aloe plants (multiplying,  transplanting, maintenance), taking into account the ecological requirements of specie and possibilities of using automated artificial factors influencing microclimate (shading, ventilation, cooling) of production space. Researches has established technological aspects concerning production of plants, to satisfy requirements of specie, for obtained some specimens by superior decorative quality. The results of experienced technology indicate quality of morphological characters, growth increases important of decorative elements (height, leaves, shoots), appearance of flowering at plants aged two years. Culture of Aloe arborescens Mill. in pot, can be practiced all year, just in conditions of protected areas. This culture, realized in the purpose for obtain decorative plants, is a valuable activity of horticulture.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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