Liliana Cristina Soare
Full Text PDF | biodiversity, embryogenesis, morphoanatomy, phytosynthesized nanoarchitectures, toxicity tests.

In the last one hundred year the pteridology domain had a spectacular evolution. In the first half of the century was noted the floristic and embryological researches; also, the editing the Flora RPR-RSR (Pteridophyta, first volume, 1952) was done. In the last two decades new data have been added regarding: morphology and anatomy of the pteridophytes, somatic and zygotic embryogenesis, ex situ and in situ conservation of the pteridophytes biodiversity, evaluation of the fern extracts bioactivity, usage of the spores and gametophytes in the toxicity tests, in vitro bioaccumulation capacity of the heavy metal, phytosynthesis of the silver nanoparticles. Current research seeks to obtain extracts and phytosynthesized nano-architectures with practical applications in a field of great importance at national level: combating the main fungal diseases affecting the vineyard culture and apple culture.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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