Andrei Moţ, Roxana Maria Madjar, Gina Vasile Scăeţeanu
Full Text PDF | hybrid, NPK, nutrient balance, tomato.

Worldwide, tomato culture occupies the first place as a percentage of the total area planted with vegetables. Knowing the requirements for growth factors is very important because cultivation technology must provide conditions as close as possible to the optimal levels. The research was carried out in Dâmboviţa County during 2017. It aimed to establish the nutritional balance evolution on some tomatoes hybrids seedling (Colibri, Zadurella V370, ISI-36629F1) grown in a  passive solar greenhouse, at different stages of development (3 leaves stage, 3-5 leaves stage, 5-7 leaves stage). The nutritional balance is given by the percentage ratio of the elements N, P, K. The results indicated that there are some imbalances given by the inadequate ratios of the N,P,K in the culture substrate. Based on the development stage, at 3 leaves is recommended to be 1:1.3:1, for the stage of 3-5 leaves of 1:1.4:1.6 and for the stage 5-7 leaves of 1:1.4: 2,6. In conclusion, for tomato culture the culture substrate is well balanced if it correlates with the consumption of nutrients on the vegetation stages.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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