Ileana-Loredana Vitalia
Full Text PDF | Creative improvisation, sandplay, social skills.

Sandplay is considered both a therapy and a therapeutic or counseling technique that functions as a non-verbal and non-threatening mediator between the unconscious and the outer reality of the participant. The sandtray provides a free and protected space for individuals to express their inner world, allowing them to work safely through unconscious experiences, while protecting their conscious mind. So, the sandplay and sandtray are mostly beneficial to heal the innerpain of clients who had difficulty in expressing themselves verbally. The technique is particularly valuable for children with limited language skills, and is specifically effective with those who have a low self esteem, exhibit poor academic progress, depression, anxiety and/or behavioural problems. In recent years, the sand play has been used as an assessment tool when working in a cross-cultural, or language learner context. Moreover, many proffesionals from different backgrounds incorporated this method into their practice to adress aspects of personal development. The present study aims to investigate the effects of a creative group improvisation through sandplay on the social skills of college students. We suppose that working together in the sandplay process allows the group member to improve their communication skills and become more adaptive in their social environment.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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