Simona Spînu, Alina Orţan, Daniela Ionescu, Ionuţ Moraru, Cristina Dinu-Pîrvu, Valentina Anuţa
Full Text PDF | medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP), optimization extraction methods, Satureja herba.

Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) have always been an important element in maintaining and improving human health and vitality. The study includes medicinal and aromatic plants such as Satureja herba which have been selected for its high content of total phenols and antioxidant activity. Improvement of extraction methods is the main concern of the researchers for an efficient material exploitation and reduction of quantities of plant waste resulted from the extraction processes. Therefore, we have opted in this study for a comparison between three MAP extraction methods using modern methods. The optimization study consists in the usage of experimental design statistical techniques based on polynomial equations; the validation of these proposed optimization models is performed by evaluating the multiple regression coefficient, by performing the statistical analysis of the variance (ANOVA) or by plotting the response surfaces. In this study, favorable conclusions can be drawn regarding the selection of the optimal extraction parameters for each method, following an optimal ratio between the extraction results and material resources used in the process.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
ISSN (CD-ROM) 2284-9521
ISSN-L 2284-9521
Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP