Florina Uleanu, Mihaela Oprea
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In our country Pelargonium are well known and cultivated in both towns and villages. Improving technological links to Pelargonium species in greenhouses covered with plastic film is one of the main concerns of the flower growers, which leads to the production of high quality and low production costs for the decoration of gardens and balconies. As a result of the widening of the variety of Pelargonium it is necessary to constantly study them in comparative crops to see how they express their genetic dowry in the conditions of the areas in which they are grown. The aim of the present study was to investigate the differences that occur between different Pelargonium varieties, to be able to recommend to producers the variants that satisfy the wishes of the flower lovers. We studied the plant growth in height, the number of shoots on the plant, number of inflorescences per plant, the number of flowers in the inflorescence and leaf number. For landscaping gardens and balconies it is advisable to cultivate P. peltatum "Ruby Pacruby" and P. peltatum "Rocky Pacrocky" due to the early flowering and the special habitus of the plants.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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