Romeo Retevoi
Full Text PDF | climatic factors, parasitoids, Parectopa robiniella, population dynamics.

This article presents an ecological research carried out during 8 years on the population of  Parectopa robiniella living in the Northern area of the Arges county inhabited by black locusts.  This article presents information regarding the type of distribution, variation, density, the effects of the attacks, the effects of parasitoids, correlations between the dynamics of the population and climatic factors. Besides the species we studied on black locust leaves, we also identified the Phyllonorycter robiniella and Obolodiplosis robiniae species which allowed us to calculate the niche overlap.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
ISSN (CD-ROM) 2284-9521
ISSN-L 2284-9521
Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP