Elena Iurea, Sorina Sîrbu, Margareta Corneanu, Ionel Perju, Cristina Ionela Boboc
Full Text PDF | annual increases, genotype, vigor, walnut.

The aim of this paper is to present behaviour of some autochthonous and foreign walnut cultivars in the Romanian North Eastern area conditions. Studies were done in 2016, having as research material that 14 walnut genotypes which were in the VIth year after planting grafted on Juglans regia L. as rootstock. Observations and measurements were done to find the behaviour of the plants in the growth process. The climate factors, the tree vigor through trunk cross-section area (cm2), tree height (cm), increases (cm) and number of the young shoots were analyzed. The  weakestvigor of the tree showed ‘Sibişel’ (10.9 cm2), ‘Ovidiu’ (11.3 cm2), ‘Geoagiu 65’ (15.5 cm2), ‘Germisara’ (16.7 cm2), ‘Jupâneşti’ (17.1 cm2) and ‘Anica’ (19.5 cm2) with very significant negative differences compared with average variant as control. As the length of the young shoots, the highest values were registered at ‘Miroslava’ (106 cm) and ‘Velniţa’ (94 cm) genotypes.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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