Nela Tălmaciu, Mihai Tălmaciu, Monica Herea
Full Text PDF | ecological parameters, Coleoptera, gatherings, plum.

For the study of the epigenous beetles species of plum orchards and observations were made of the collected material by the soil traps type Barber. The traps placed in plantation were six in number, it’s situated on two row, by three per line. The traps were put in a formaldehyde solution with a concentration of 3-4%. The gathering of the material was made on the following dates: 31.05; 15.06; 28.06; 12.07; 26.07; 10.08; 23.08. The most common species of beetles were collected : Onthophagus ovatus L., Anisodactylus binotatus F., Dermestes laniarius L., Onthophagus taurus Schr. şi Pseudophonus griseus Panz.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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