Ionela Mocanu, Mihai Tălmaciu, Nela Tălmaciu
Full Text PDF | coleoptera, invertebrates, variants, wheat.

The observations were made in 2015 in wheat crops in three variants:

  • V 1 - untreated wheat consumption
  • V2 - treated wheat for consumption
  • V 3 - treated wheat seed

The material was harvested using Barber soil traps, in which was placed a solution of NaCl in a concentration of 8-10%. The harvesting  of the all 15 traps for each variant was done at the following dates: 17.05, 29.05, 13.06 and 27.06. There were collected a number of 103 coleoptera species with 2360 specimens, the colembolas species with  a total of 1732 specimens, 736 specimens of arachnids, 660 specimens of himenoptera, 282 specimens of aphids, 208 specimensof diptera, 55 specimens of orthoptera, 24 specimen of  heteroptera, 7 specimen of  mites, dermaptera with one copy.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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