Mădălina Elena Scarlat, Monica Bucă, Magdalena Cristina Zagardan, Alina Păunescu, Cristina Maria Ponepal, Monica Popescu, Alexandru Gabriel Marinescu
Full Text PDF | Hepatoprotection, Paracetamol, Silybum marianum.

Hepatoprotection is a matter of worldwide interest, since liver diseases are common, and liver transplant has increasedover the past years, drastically reducing the number of people able to meet the criteria for such a transplant. The experimental research in this paper aimed at evaluating the hepatoprotective capacity of Silybum marianum species (thistle). In order to fulfil the purpose of the paper, thistle was administrated as hydr alcoholic extracts to animals, i.e. albino mice-NMRI strain. We used paracetamol solution for infusion known as Perfalgan (Bristol-Myers Squibb). The dose used was 400mg/kg/bod y substance, and we administrated ethanolic extracts of Sylibum marianum after the paracetamol poisoning. We conducted the research using biochemical methods and techniques, potential structural and functional changes occurred in the experimental animals’ internal organs poisoned with perfalgan then treated with Silybum marianum plant extract.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP