Florina Uleanu, Adriana Bădulescu
Full Text PDF | pots, seedlings, tomato.

This paper aims to find the most efficient techniques for the production of seedlings because it represents one of the greatest concerns of the vegetable growers, being a subject of great interest. A special attention shows determining influence of different pots, plastic or biodegradable, on the growth and development of tomato seedlings. The replanting of the seedlings was carried out in various pots (of polyethylene film, from peat, Jiffy pots, small and big alveolar pallets ) filled with nutritional mixture. The best growth in height was achieved in seedlings transplanted in polyethylene pots (B1), except for Parris hybrid, the favorable effects on seedlings growth being explained by their better nutritional capacity as a result of the development of a stronger root system.  As a type of pot, it is noted that seedlings transplanted into large alveolar pallets formed floral buds before planting in all hybrids studied. The type of pots used to transplant seedlings, and especially their size, positively influences the number of leaves. This work brings to the forefront the influence of different pots of plastic or biodegradable material on the growth and development of tomato seedlings that have been transplanted and maintained in these pots until planting.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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