Adriana Bădulescu, Florina Uleanu
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Growing vegetables was one of the first practical human activities. But with the advent of society have continuously developed knowledge and methods of cultivation of vegetable plants, this rate becomes very fast in the modern era, which led to the strengthening of vegetables as a science of its own, detach thus the cultivation of which belonged. It should be noted that Romanian farming was found and is still in a less pleasant due to the unified European market liberalization, and globalization of trade in such products. Among the new creations of the vegetable produced in the country are those approved and patented in INCDBH Ştefăneşti in recent years: Arges 11 Arges 20 Arges 123, Arges 16 varieties of tomato growing determined Ştefăneşti 22, Stefanesti 24, Costate 21, Costate 23 tomato varieties with indeterminate growth.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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