Nicolae Ionescu
Full Text PDF | Cynodon dactylon, diversity, finger-panicle, spike, spikelet.

Considered a persistent and very aggressive weed, quick grass (Cynodon dactylon) has seen a steady constantly spread. Its control is done with some difficulty, being a monocot species (grass) and perennial. Studies of fruit diversity is considered important to describe cross-type both existing and for new ways of management. The average data obtained showed that the species formed finger-panicle of 6.2 cm length, with each 5.71 spike number and 57.2 cm spike length. Spikelets were no. of 43/spike, had length 1.97 mm and width 0.81 mm. Between the different characters of the panicle obtained in positive/negative correlations we used the comparison with theoretical significant levels. Significant related were between no. of spike/panicle with panicle length, r=0.437 **; between spikelet number/spike with spike width, r=0.492 ***; between spikelet dimensions (length and width), r=0.543 ***; between spike length with spikelet length r=0.261** and between spike length with spikelet width, r=0.305**. The variability of this weed fruit characters showed a good adaptability to agricultural lands.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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