Simona-Mihaela Chelaru, Cristina-Ionela Turcu, Margareta Corneanu, Ionel Perju
Full Text PDF | biological control, fruit, protection, sweet cherries, traps.

Rhagoletis cerasi (L.) is the main agent of damage to sweet cherry plantations. Found in all sweet cherry plantations, it is important for an integrated phytosanitary protection of the crop. The population dynamics in the Iasi area was monitored at different time intervals. The climatic conditions of the year and the biological reserve favored the appearance and development of the pest studied. The first catches were recorded on 12 May and the highest number of catches was recorded on 17 June 2020. Adult monitoring Rhagoletis cerasi (L.) was performed using “Decis Trap”, an attractive trap containing ammonium carbonate, which attracts by its orange color and fights with the active substance deltamethrin providing a duration of protection of 5 months. The appearance and dynamics of pests have directly influenced the phytosanitary protection program. The observations were made during the vegetation period of the cherry plantation within the Research and Development Station for fruit growing in Iași in 2020.

Cite this paper: Chelaru, S.M., Turcu, C.I., Corneanu, M, Perju, I. (2021). MONITORING OF RHAGOLETIS CERASI L. THROUGH THE DECIS TRAP AT IAȘI-ROMANIA. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 36-39.

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