Nur Selin Cabuk, Hasan Pinar, Mustafa Demirkaya, Aydın Uzun
Full Text PDF | Pepper, breeding, Phytophthora capsici Leon.

Althougt Turkey has big potential with regard to production area and quality pepper production, equated yield is low because of plant diseases. One of the plant diseases is Phytophthora capsici Leon. Tolerance of this disease in pepper species is controlled by more than one gene (QTL). Until now, there are some reports on QTL mapping for disease tolerance in pepper species and one of them is Phyto.5.2 which is linked to Phytophthora capsici Leon. disease tolerance. In this study, we aimed transfer disease tolerance to pepper genotypes which are grown in Central Anatolia region. Crossing was carried out between Cırgalan pepper and P1(tolerant to Phytophthora capsici Leon) and backcrossed to Cırgalan pepper genotype to obtain BC1F1. BC1F1 plants were tested using molecular marker which linked with Phyto.5.2 QTL. Tolerant plants were backcrossed with Cırgalan pepper genotypes to obtain BC2F1 plants. BC2F1 plants were tested again using molecular markers and tolerant plants selfed to obtain BC2F2. After testing, anthers of tolerant plants were inoculated to get double haploid plants. From the results obtained, 25 pure industrial pepper lines were obtained which had Phytophthora capsici Leon. disease tolerance. These lines will be useful for Phytophthora capsici Leon. disease tolerance breeding programs.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP