Ionica Deliu, Mariana Cristina, Georgeta Dumitru
Full Text PDF | Cancer, Monoclonal antibody, Tumor markers.

Since the beginning of immunodiagnostic, the tumor markers were used for population screening, tumor diagnosis or prognosis, even tumor detection. These markers are biochemical indicators for presence of various tumors and we often can find them into blood. They are proteins, glycoproteins, hormones, enzymes or other specific molecules. The most used technique for detection in blood or other body fluids of tumor markers involves monoclonal antibodies, because they can interact with specific antigens from tissues or blood. In this paper we want to highlight the importance of tumor markers detection in the management of cancer diseases and to present some data about the incidence of breast, ovarian and respective prostate cancer in three patients groups from Arges County in 2017. All blood samples were processed by immunoenzymatic method with VIDAS immunoanalysis system in SoloMed medical laboratory. The values obtained for samples were evaluated and the results were linked to other medical investigations. Just 2.74% of investigated women had increasing values of CA 15-3, significant for breast cancer and 3.65% of investigated women had significant values of CA 125 (important in ovarian cancer). Inappropriate values with age-specific reference ranges of PSA were determined for 8.97% of investigated male patients, but only 5.12% were later on diagnosed with prostate cancer. These results suggest the significance of laboratory test in accurate evaluation of cancer disease.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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