Roxana Alexandra Sabo, Erzsebet Buta, Ioana Moldovan, Maria Cantor
Full Text PDF | cultivar, characteristics, culture substrate, hyacinth, forcing.

The Hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis) is a bulbous plant with a great variety of cultivars, being in the same time among the first flowers of spring. Hyacinth bulbs can brighten up the darkest days of winter if are forcing. The main aim of this research was to pursue the influence of the cultivar and culture substrate on the main characters. The study took place in greenhouses of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca (UASMV), during 15th of November 2017 - 30th of March 2018. The experience was bifactorial, first factor being the culture substrate, with three graduations (garden soil, garden soil + peat and garden soil + sand), the second factor being the cultivar, with five graduations (City of Haarlem`, `Blue Jacket`, `Miss Saigon`, `Jan Boss` and `Double Prince of Love`. Analyzing the combined influence of the culture substrate and hyacianth cultivars which were used in the research, the most favorable combination from the decoration period, number of florets per cluster and flower stem height point of view were ‘Double Prince of Love’ and ‘Jan Boss’ on the substrate garden soil + sand (1:1).

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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