Monica Bucă, Magdalena Cristina Zagardan, Mădălina Elena Scarlat, Monica Popescu, Alina Păunescu, Cristina Maria Ponepal, Alexandru Gabriel Marinescu
Full Text PDF | Alloxan monohydrate, diabetes, liver, milk thistle.

In this study we have followed the liver’s histopathologic changes at CD-line mice (mice rederived from a non-consanguineous stem) with alloxan-induced diabetes, treated with vegetal extract of Sylibum marianum. We have followed the liver’s changes of weight following the removal and its histopathologic changes. Thus, mice with weight ranging from 20 to 25 g were divided into three experimental lots, a witness lot, a lot of mice with alloxan-induced diabetes, and another lot with diabetes treated with vegetal extract of Sylibum marianum. Diabetes was induced by administering two doses of Alloxan monohydrate 0,2 ml (130 mg/kg body dissolved in physiological saline), following which 0.2 ml of vegetal extract of milk thistle was administered by gavage during two weeks. The results obtained for the liver blades sampled from the mice with diabetes showed the presence of hepatic steatosis; following the administration of the vegetal extract to the mice with diabetes a decrease of the blisters full of neutral lipids (hepatic triglycerides) can be noticed,  which reveals the beneficial action of the vegetal extract of milk thistle

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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