Ramona CotruĊ£
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Freeze drying is one of the best methods of water removal which results in final product with the highest quality, combining science and controlled process to result in beautifully preserved food. Freeze drying is sublimation of ice fraction where water passes from solid to gaseous state. Suitable parameters of process application allow us to obtain best quality products compared to products dried with traditional methods. Due to very low temperature all the deterioration activity and microbiological activity are stopped and provide better quality to the final product retaining the most nutrients than any other food preservation method, and maintains its color and flavor. Given the fact that food and biotechnological products maintain their physical and chemical properties we can affirm that lyophilization is the best method for drying products. This review focused on the recent advances and its targets in near future, considering also that the market for organic products is increasing and new market demands are emerging that could concern freeze-dried products.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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